Catch & Release Project Party – Week 5


Aaaaand it’s no surprise that week 5 is yet another stunner on the Catch and Release Project! Let’s have a closer look shall we?

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know about my obsession with everything South Bay Bella Studio. She’s crazy innovative, a phenomenal maker, and a fabulous human. And for today’s stop on the Catch & Release Project Party, Isabelle has done it again with a pair of umbrellas. Yes you read that right. She made umbrellas. ? So run to her blog first to follow her and second to gander at her makes. ?

Umbrella by South Bay Bella

Today’s maker in the Catch & Release Project Party is Heather from Coffee and Quilts with this Vinalhaven Quilt. She’ll have a pattern in the future, so for now go to her Blog to give her all the ?? for creating this masterpiece. ?

Vinalhaven Quilt by Coffee and Quilts

Omg yall! Check out all these beautiful makes from Stacey of Two Terriers Studio in the Catch & Release Project Party. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite because I adore each piece. But you know what makes these even cuter? Them being modeled by two cutie patooties. To see those photos, head over to her first blog post ever on her blog to see.

Fantabulous Makes by Two Terriers Studio

Today is Vintage Barn Girl‘s day in the Catch & Release Project Party and check out these amazing makes! One is a Calathea crossbody bag by Littlemoodesigns & the other is Sew Sweetness’ Charm School Wallet. She also made a guitar strap folks!! Whaaat?! Please check out her blog to show the love and stuff. ?

Crossbody Bag & Wallter by Vintage Barn Girl

Today is Betyipiernaty’s day in the Catch & Release Project Party! Yaaaay! She made three super amazing projects, this Maker’s Tote, a stuffed elephant mounted head, and this uber adorable kids room decor that I want for my room. Run over to her Blog to see all the projects and pictures. ??

Maker’s Tote by Betyipiernaty

Eeeeek. One more week to go. Stay tuned for week 6 to come.

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