Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style


If you watched my Favorite Sewing Notions for 2019 video, you already have been introduced to the magnificence that is DIY Style. Their magnetic cutting and pattern systems are revolutionary and sure to take over the sewing and crafting industries.

Ten Days AFTER! 

Join in the fun, win some prizes, and get some great deals to outfit your dream sewing space! This week, I have been invited to join in on the party for day 7 and I’ll be giving away a prize of my own in addition to what DIYStyle is offering.


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  • Today is day 7, so for 4 more days this party is running strong.
  • Post an answer to our “Question of the Day” on BOTH my blog and on DIYStyle!–as your entry with your email address–by entering the contest you agree to be added to our email list 
  • Check the coupon codes for the “Deals of the Day”, along with the code expiration. Here’s the code for y’all for 20% off until midnight on January 4th: 10DaysDay7
  • Have fun! Only one post/entry per day.



Make sure to answer the question of the day in the comments here and on DIYStyle to be entered for both giveaways. And if you would rather purchase the system, make sure to use the coupon code 10DaysDay7, which is good until January 4th at midnight.

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While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Margaret Looby

    Yes, I have a 100 year old house with a sunroom on the side, inside it is connected to the living room by french doors, it is tiny but surrounded by windows so there is beautiful light. It was tiny, or go to the dark basement…Lol, now you know!

  2. Diana Markley

    I have two rooms dedicated to my sewing. One has my serger and large sewing embroidery machine. The other room includes a large cutting table and storage unit or my fabrics, both from Ikea.

  3. Jody Kruse

    I currently work on the dining room table, but this will be the year I get a real sewing room. I’ve been planning it for a while, so I’m very excited to finally see it become a reality!

  4. Beth Wallace

    I have one room dedicated to my sewing area. I use 2 sewing machines. One for pricing and one for quilting. I also make lots of items besides quilts.

  5. iowagal2

    I have an bedroom on our second floor for right now. We are working on a shed on our property that we are renovating so I can move all my sewing machines and longarm and use year round. 🙂

  6. Felice Burstein

    I just moved to a rental for the next 6 months until our home is ready. First thing I did is buy a large table from Staples to set up my sewing area. Can;’t wait til I have my real sewing room in our new house

  7. Sidra

    Does a corner of a room count as dedicated sewing space? Cutting and ironing happens in a separate room.

  8. Suzan K

    I sew in our basement room. I’ve kinda taken it over:)

  9. Suzan K

    I sew in our basement game room. I’ve kinda taken over it.

  10. Marsha Clark

    I have to sew in the living room. 🙂

  11. Mendy Brittian

    Yes I have a 12 x 40 storage building that we converted into a quilting shop for all my Quilty stuff and my Longarm business. Thank you Mom! Foster Creek Designs, fins ya on Facebook and a Instagram. I loved getting to meet you at IQS at Houston at the LDS booth. Totally made by day!

  12. Regina Kolle

    Yes. It started out as an extra bedroom. The extra bedroom became a guest bedroom. Now it is my sewing craft room. I can make a mess and shut the door.

  13. Beth Wilson

    I have a small bedroom that is my dedicated sewing space… but I can often overflow into other areas of the house!

  14. Catherine Davis

    I feel very fortunate to have a whole room upstairs in my old house to use for my sewing space. It is cluttered and homey, but practically the only reason to go upstairs is if you are going to my sewing room. Or if you want to stay in the guest room, which is also my sewing room annex. 🙂 Love my out of the way sewing room!

  15. Ann Aikens

    Yes, my children are all grown and our nest is empty so I have a large bedroom with lots of natural light!

  16. Sue Basista

    Not currently. I have fabric stored in spaces in three different rooms and do my sewing at the dining room table when I have time to sew. Getting reorganized is my number one priority for 2020 (along with actually getting some sewing done).

  17. Judith Culbreth

    I sew in my dining room. I keep the machine cabinet at one end of the dining table. If I have guests, I close up the cabinet and use the closed surface for serving. I have no dedicated space for cutting or ironing.

  18. Maree W

    Yes, thankfully, I do and I absolutely love being able to leave all of my creativity (a.k.a. messes) spread all around, I have taken over most of the basement and love having all of that room! ♥

  19. TxBetty

    My room started out as a junk room, then became my baby granddaughter’s room, and finally morphed into my sewing room when I retired from teaching. I scrounge furnishings and bought a tabletop and legs from Ikea for my sewing machine. Then I found a huge wooden table for $20 and use it for cutting and ironing. Some day my room will be pretty and well-organized…

  20. Julie Bailey

    When we retired to AZ about 2 years ago, I took over a bedroom for my craft/sewing room. It is my happy place. I have a few Halloween quilts and tops on the walls for decoration as that is my favorite holiday. Also have a couple shelves with Halloween decor including some witch’s hats, spiders, bats, masks, and skulls.

  21. peoplestrustvancouver

    I use my bedroom as my sewing space because I have a cat that chews cords and thread. One day I hope to have a bigger place and have a dedicated sewing room.

  22. Kristen Ruiz

    I have two rooms to sew

  23. Janice Jarnagin

    Yes, I do. I have a “bonus room” in my house that is the only room upstairs, and I made that my sewing room. Now to organize it would be a great idea. LOL

  24. Beth Talmage

    Yes, I took over our dining room and it is now “the sewing room”. Our buffet holds both china and sewing/quilting supplies. My sewing machine is never put away and there is fabric, well, everywhere. My ironing board is permanently set up behind our couch, in the living room, so I can iron / press while I watch tv–the ironing station is pretty much permanent, too.

  25. Mary Ellen Stermer

    Yes I have a dedicated sewing room, It has table and chair storage rack unit and totes with lots of fabric.

  26. Sprucefarm

    When my youngest flew from our nest I set up his room as my sewing room. I had never had one of my own before and what a blessing. Having everything organized and within reach keeps the creativity flowing.

  27. Pilialoha Johnson

    I have a new sewing room and am currently working on my design wall. I love having a work space already set up for sewing and cutting.

  28. Diane Kaufmann

    I am currently in my formal dining room. I have outgrown and need to find a larger room with more space and lighting.

  29. Lynn L

    I have a room dedicated to sewing. One full wall is cabinets and I just got a Kangaroo cabinet for my machine. I’m in Heaven!

  30. guy williams

    As I am new to sewing, I use my work desk but all my equipment is on an utility cart on wheels so everything is always ready 🙂

  31. kristin skantze

    Our extra room is the creating room. Large pegboard on one wall & design wall opposite wall! Sewing machine sits corner desk aside of the only small window! Love watching birds from there! Thank you for your spirit & talents!

  32. Mary Leach

    I use our middle sized bedroom as my sewing studio. I have multiple sewing machines, so the room is a bit crowded. I have three bookcases full of books and an antique cupboard that houses all my buttons. I try to keep it neat with inspirational ideas posted on my two bulletin boards.

  33. Deborah Whaley

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a separate sewing room where I currently live. I have carved out about a 6-7 foot section of my greatroom by the windows as my sewing space. In that area I have my sewing machine, cutting table, ironing board and sit-down quilter. One day I hope to ahve a sewing room again.

  34. Sandy Thomas

    I have an extra bedroom that I use for my sewing room. I have a serger, a sewing machine and a cutting table in there. I use my dining room table to lay out my quilts.

  35. Donna Carson

    No. I am working in my bedroom. I have several shelves and an extra dresser filled to the brim with my sewing things. It is getting really crowded.

  36. Caroline Rohrer

    I have a small room dedicated as my sewing room. Dining room table is my cutting table.

  37. Lauren Fzlyon

    Kinda lol. Usually I set up my portable table somewhere in the living room (wherever it will fit at the time)

  38. Lauren D

    Kinda lol I set up wherever I can fit in the living room!

  39. Elizabeth Snead

    I have a wonderful sewing room in my basement my closet is floor to ceiling shelves, my walls are covered with my creations. I built an ironing table on wheels with storage cubbies. I have a radio playing NPR and day bed for when I get worn out!

  40. Kellie Warren

    I took one of my boys rooms after he grew up and moved out on his own. I put new flooring in and fresh paint, my cutting table and sewing desk and now it’s my own special space. It’s decorated just for me and I love it.

  41. Kim Hammon

    Yes, thank goodness! My partner loves my space and keeping my “stuff” in my space. She has helped set it up. It is a large room with lots of windows. I have my favorite, daily use machine Pfaff 4.2, this is the most amazing machine! I have a few vintage machines as well. I am very blessed. I can go in my studio and de-stress every weekend from my daily job & love it.

  42. Emily Averette

    Kind of lol. I have taken over our living room and kitchen table. It’s a small house and the kids are big and we didn’t use the LR much so it is being transformed for my weaving and sewing.

  43. Sharon Romualdez

    have a dedicated corner of the spare bedroom. Since I share it with my daughter and her computer we just call the room “That room”, because “room of requirement” takes took long to say.

  44. Deborah

    I’ve been using the kitchen table but I’m happy to say I will soon be getting my “Art Room” back now that hubby doesn’t need the entire room for his office.

  45. Linda Headley

    I have to sew at the dining table, however a few friends got together to form a quilting club. We (Quilty Pleasures or the QP’s) meet at least once a month in a church where we all have plenty of room to spread out.

  46. Lynn E.

    I don’t have a dedicated sewing room. I use the dining room table when it isn’t in use.

  47. Maribeth Sala-Gietzen

    Right now, I sew at my dining room table. I’m working on clearing out a space in my basement where I can spread out and organize my fabric.

  48. Janet Hickey

    This year I decided to turn a small spare bedroom into my sewing/craft room. After my mom passed in 2008 we decided to rearrange bedrooms and give my daughter a bigger bedroom. Since then that spare room became the catch all room. I finally decided this past spring to give that room a new life after I decided to learn hout to quilt in March. I already need a bigger room!!?

  49. Carmel Fitzpatrick Steindam

    Yes, I have a corner of the family room (well maybe a bit more than a corner!) I have 2 tables, several bins of fabric, and a bookshelf that has lots of crafting books and fabric for projects “up next.” I have one sewing machine (that I use all the time) and a serger. I also have my mom’s featherweight that needs some maintenance — that’s on my to-do list for this year. I learned to sew on it and I love it very much. I like sewing in the family room so I can be near my husband while he watches football on TV.

  50. Laura M

    Yes, I have a dedicated sewing space. I have a room in the basement that houses my sewing machine, cutting area and book shelves. I also have “extra supplies, aka curated collection” stored on shelves elsewhere in the house. I am so very fortunate.

  51. Tama

    Since my children are all grown and moved out, I took over one of the bedrooms for my sewing room. Well maybe two!

  52. Timothy Vander Ploeg

    Sadly, I don’t have a dedicated sewing space. I have to get stuff out and put it back when I’m done. I use the kitchen table. 🙂

  53. Lyn Evans

    I have a very small and narrow dedicated space but at least I can set up my sewing machine, serger and 4 needle embroidery machine. I fall over the dog in here but I do get to leave my machines up and can run them all at the same time!

  54. Lavada Kraft

    Yes I have a wonderful space set up I my basement. Over 75%is dedicated to sewing. I have an old Dining table set up as a cutting station. I have my sewing center set up as a U with one leg my sewing machine, bottom is my serger and embroider machine on a computer table with the keyboard drawer set up as a cutting area for paper piecing, and the last leg is the ironing board. So I can just turn around for everything! I have a semi design wall set upon one wall. I love my area!

  55. Vanessa B

    Sure do, now! After raising 3 kids when the flew the nest I turned our 1940’s Family Room into my Sewing Room 🙂

  56. Maggie

    Yes! Half of my coveted sun room is for the kids and the other half is mine. That way i can watch them play while i play in my area.

  57. sewinggirl1

    We share the basement family room…half of it is my sewing space. There are windows on 2 sides; my computer, TV/VCR, an music to keep me entertained while I sew. Hubby even installed a mini fridge in the wet bar. Ahhh! could a girl ask for more?

  58. Tracy Lynn McAlister

    I am planning on taking over my son’s bedroom since he moved out. It my be a long tedious process, but I am amped up and ready to start changing it over. Right now I am using my dining room which has taken on a mind of it’s own. Wish me luck!

  59. suzdragon9Sue Deese

    I have a spare room that has become my sewing room, but am working on creating a really special place in my basement.

  60. Alice Boudreaux

    I have a 12×15 dedicated sewing & craving space. It houses my Horn cutting & sewing tables. I also have a pegboard to house my sewing, quilting & crafting tools.

  61. Bobbi McCoy

    My set up is temporary. The room is a combination sewing and craft / office. It works for now.

  62. farmquilter

    I have taken over the dining room and half of the living room! If we have guests or family over, I have to pack it all away.

    1. Ann Lukas

      Our second bedroom is my sewing space. My husband made a Murphy bed and in the bottom piece when the bed is stowed, he made a cutting table that sits on two wooden legs! He is very clever. I have a design wall, he made my oversized ironing board to fit over the standard ironing board. I wish I had a room to myself but everything closes up when we have company. So I’m happy to have the space. And company doesn’t stay that long, you hope!!!

  63. Trish Peters

    Yes! I am very fortunate to have been able to take over my stepdaughter’s room when she moved out.

  64. Robin

    My sewing center is all over the home. My machine and frequently used tools are in the family room. That was due to wanting to be with my family when I sewed after work. My fabric and all other items for sewing are in a bedroom taken over once son #1 left for the USCG. The plan this year is to move all sewing into that room since I am now retired.

  65. Opal

    Yes ! I am very fortunate to finally have a whole room dedicated to all things crafty. Even has a quilt layout wall ?

  66. kitcat96

    I’m supposed to, but there’s not enough room. I end up taking over the entire living room and my SO absolutely hates it! lol

  67. Mary Eubanks

    I have a very small sewing area, but I am thankful that I have a space.

  68. cindylee

    Yes, I do. My husband and I added an 1100 sq ft studio to our house in 2015. Although we gather at the craft table for holiday family dinners as it seats 8, my studio has all the goodies and equipment I need to be creative. I share it often as my husband knits and hope to teach my granddaughter to sew/quilt. She loves arts ‘n crafts and also makes bottle cap jewelry. One wall has 5 large windows overlooking a meadow where the deer and other wildlife frequent. It can be quiet for thinking and planning or we can crank up the music and dance if we feel like it. It is a well used space.

  69. Jenny Naylor

    Since my daughter and her kids decided we all needed to live together to cut costs I told her fine but there won’t be a living room ? and sew there is no living room

  70. Sharon Aurora

    I sort of do have a dedicated sewing space but it doubles as my crafting area and desk. I have all my tools in drawers and containers nearby.

  71. Suzanne

    Someday I would like to get a long arm but it won’t fit in this room! Lots of fabric that is overflowing into the hall and my bedroom! ? I love it.

  72. Pamela

    My sewing space has always been the dining room table of my home or a home that I’m visiting (my parent’s).

  73. Donna Hawley

    My wonderful hubby built me a sewing room in what had been an attached garage. I am a very happy and lucky wife.

    1. Michele Doiron

      Yes, but we will be moving again and I intend on having a new dedicated space!

  74. Margie Radke

    Unfortunately, I live in an apt. With little space. I use the dinning room as my sew space. A little cramped but I make it work.

  75. Carolyn Montgomery

    my happy place is a front small bedroom (10X10) with a small walk-in closet with shelves on all walls and a window that lets in natural lights.

  76. Tamara Lee

    I am very blessed to have two empty bedrooms that I use as a sewing room & fabric storage/craft room for my card stamping & Cricut Maker supplies.

  77. Barbara

    Yes, I do have a dedicated space for sewing. Initially when my daughters started flying the coop I took over a bedroom for my sewing room. Just before Christmas we cleaned out and refloored the old family room downstairs. I shifted all of my sewing room down there now-more space for me and an empty bedroom for my grandkids! Win-win!

  78. Carol Hamilton

    I have a “sewing” room, but sew all over the house!!

  79. Kim

    I do have a dedicated space now. I retired after 43 years of pediatric nursing in April and am LOVING the freedom to sew and create whenever I want. Hooray!
    I sure would love that FQ bundle

  80. Karen Martens

    I just have a small area for my sewing but it works great for me

  81. Sheila Rodgers

    When we moved house 2 years ago I made sure there were enough bedrooms so that I could use one for my hobbies, although I do hand stitching in front of the TV in the living room.

  82. June

    I took over our son’s bedroom when he moved out. I waited a few years. At first it was wonderful. But then as I went thru the garage and found more craft items and put them in the room, it has become more and more crowded. So it’s not as nice a space as it first was, but I do have dedicated spot for fabric, notions, sewing machines, pressing and cutting stations. Now on the lookout for something to make my cutting station so it’s higher, not fun to bend over and cut for long periods of time… Thanks for the chance. We have new baby in the family. Would be fun to use new fabrics for the gift I’ll be making!

  83. Carolyn Gerbig

    With 2 wild (and wildly lovable) animals in the house, the only safe place is our unfinished basement. It seconds as a laundry room and storage space for all things. My folding table is my cutting table and just about anywhere we are not storing something you will find fabric, notions, books, pictures and things hanging on walls and from the clothesline! If we ever move, I declare the master bedroom (at least) as my sewing space!

  84. knittingdancer

    My sewing area is in my craft room along with my ironing board.

  85. Roxie Tew

    I am working on that right now, actually! I had a wall along one bedroom that use to be my workspace. It was never enough, so I was hauling out my new machines to the kitchen table. Well, no more. I’m converting the dining room at this time into a sewing/craft room. I’ll have a dedicated sewing and cutting table and an ironing space, too. Can’t wait to have it all ready!

  86. sue

    I use the dining room table, part of the spare bedroom, sometimes the kitchen, and I have a big storage building full of craft stuff.

  87. Gammy T

    I have a dedicated space, but it’s visible to the whole house, since it occupies a special table between the living and dining rooms. Dreaming of a whole room to myself…!

  88. Rhonda

    I had a dining room, now it’s my sewing room.

  89. Sylvia Westover

    When we became empty nesters, we tried to down size. That thought lasted about 14 months we then bought a bigger house converting a bedroom onto a quilting room and still with 2 guest rooms. I tell you down sizing is overrated.lol

  90. Marina Apap

    I wish! I sew/craft/create/make a mess all over the house. Kitchen table. Dining room table. Study nook. Bedroom corner. Handsewing in the lounge. (I do try to keep one table clear for eating) I tend to leave whatever I am working on set out where I started until the space is needed.

  91. Lorraine Sutherland

    Yes, it’s an enclosed patio. I have space for my machine, a table for cutting and some storage cabinets.

  92. Cristina Scarfon

    Yes, I have a cozy place where I can make my mess and just turn around whenever I want and nobody will be disturbed

  93. Pam Kosirog

    Yes I have a room all my own. That way when it gets too messy I can just shut the door!

  94. Sherie

    I will have a large space dedicated to my sewing once we finish the house. We are about 98% done! I also have a 9 ft farm table that I have been sewing/quilting on for the 3 yrs so I have been fortunate. I also have a small table & basket I keep near my chair for my EPP!

  95. Thunder

    yes, I have a sewing room. I keep my big board ironing board up in the guest room when the grands aren’t here. design wall in hallway, between the two rooms.
    it makes me get up and move around, otherwise I’d be tempted to just sit and sew for hours. not good, need to stretch.

  96. Delissa Crellin

    Yes, I have a sewing room in progress. It also seems to be the dumping ground for anything else without a designated home. All my fabric is stored in plastic storage boxes in my garage.

  97. Amanda Brown

    Yes I do. We built a new house and worked a sewing room into the design. It is smaller than what i had hoped but it has beautiful views over our lush town. It is a soothing space.

  98. Sharen

    I’m in that process of extending my desk so my sewing machine no longer have to share the space with my laptop

  99. Michele Scott

    Yes, I do. I commandeered what is supposed to be a formal dining room (we’ve never used it for that) and set it up as my sewing/craft room!

  100. Patti A,.

    Yes I have a great sewing room that is ALL MINE!! Is was an unused bedroom upstairs, and it didn’t take long for me to claim it. I have to nice windows that get the afternoon sun and my machine sits right under one of them. I LOVE IT!!

  101. Karen Bisetti-Haberstro

    I do! When I needed to find an apartment, I was sure to rent a 2 BR ?. So I use the guest room as my sewing room. The bed for it is stored standing on its side in my bedroom, lol. And I’ve overflowed into the hallway and dining area, too ?

  102. Mary Kolb

    I do have a dedicated sewing space, but it is also our guest bedroom.

  103. Becky

    I have a corner of our main room for my sewing. Fabric and most rulers are upstairs, but I have the basics in my sewing corner. I also have two bifold tables that can easily be put up and down for when I need them. I only need the second one when I’m sandwiching my quilt. One stays up a lot. Lol

  104. Julie Lyon

    I have waited many, many years to have a space all my own( probably at least 40). For many years my space was a 5 ft. closet with the doors taken off and a door cut to fit as a table top. But now I have a dream room that makes me very happy.

  105. Carol Andrews

    I do have a sewing space; 5 square feet in our little apartment. Big adjustment from the 15’ x 24’ studio I had in the house, it it’s mine and I’m making it work just fine!

  106. Olivia

    I have our dining room packed with my new-to-me Longarm (26″ throat on a 14′ frame… it used to be a big room)and my piecing machine (my inheritance from my grandmother). We had to adjust the office to be a dining area for holidays. Spoiled? Nope, I have earned this.

  107. Sue Cleek

    I do have a dedicated sewing area, but over time have put some of my treasures in other rooms..

  108. Cindy

    I do have a space for sewing, but there is no daylight which I need desperately. So, I’m about to start the long process of changing the smallest of my adult daughters’ old bedrooms into a sewing room. It has two windows! I’ll be cleaning out at the same time which makes it a huge project for me. No more basement for me!?

  109. Kathy Kitchen

    I started out with a dedicated space and then it grew to take over more space and more space!

  110. Buffie Lorah

    I started out in a corner of my bedroom, now I have taken over an entire spare bedroom for my sewing space. It isn’t glamorous or huge but it’s “ my” creative zen space!

  111. Alicia Round

    My dedicated space is the dining room lol! With 4 kids, our house is bursting at the seams
    No more spare rooms for me to use as a sewing room!

  112. Barb K

    I sew either on my dining room table or on a small round table in our family room–my sewing room is very small and holds my supplies.

  113. Raenee

    I don’t have a dedicated space, but I have a craft room that I am working on making one

  114. Jeri Niksich

    After the last child flew the cool I transformed one of the spare bedrooms to a complete sewing room and 1/2 of my darling husband’s “Mancave” as a Mid-Arm sewing room. ?

  115. Kathryn Jang

    No ;( My son moved home last September to buy a house and there went my room. Flash forward over a year later, no house and he has decided to move away. I can’t wait to get my room back. In my head I know exactly where a new sewing area is going, cutting and storage area also.

  116. Patty S.

    So, I do! I have an extra bedroom upstairs that is my sewing and quilt piecing studio. And, I converted my garage to my longarm studio! One of the perks of being an empty nester – you get to grab a bedroom for your studio!

  117. MaraCreates

    No I don’t, but hopefully I will next year this time, since we should be building a new house.

  118. Becky

    Yes I have a dedicated sewing space. Even when it was a small space in the basement my machine is always set up to sew.

  119. Leona Johnson

    I did, but my 28 year ood.moved home and I had to use it for her bedroom. I would love to have someone come make me my own space to sew! Thank you for these great giveaways!!!

  120. Connie Matthews

    I am currently in the process of converting a large room that has been used as storage into a full on sewing room.

  121. Sandy Sears

    We’ve downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment so one bedroom is for sewing only…My husband has added shelves and I have my cutting table set up in the middle of the room. If grandchildren come to visit, they have a blow-up mattress in the living room! But they usually get a quilt every time they sleep on that thing. The inconvenience is worth it.

  122. Angie Terry

    I’m lucky to have a nice size area (but could always use more) in our finished basement to work in.

  123. Loral Krutsinger

    I have a separate little 2 story cottage for my sewing room.

  124. Jackie Papallo

    I am lucky to have two dedicated sewing studios. Empty nest allows for this luxury. One room is for fabric storage and my cutting table. The other has my sewing machine, long arm, and serger set up and ready to go at a moments notice. Very grateful to have my creative spaces.

  125. swakins

    My sewing area is in our unfinished basement, I refer to it as my sewing cave. When I am an empty nester it will come back to the bedroom it occupied before my son came along.

  126. Cindy Slavick

    Nope, I sew all over the place and have fabric in several rooms! I’m a mess.

  127. purplekjo

    I have a dedicated space for sewing and crafting. I am all over the map on what I do – quilting, home dec, trying my hand at garments, plus many other crafts.

  128. Sue

    Happy New Year, Mathew!!!
    I took over the largest bedroom, other than mine, for my sewing room. The closet is huge and my husband made me shelves for it.

  129. Lisa Garrett

    I have a very small space in the corner of my bedroom

  130. Linda Blakley

    Yes I have a sewing room! When our daughter bought a house and moved out I took over her bedroom!

  131. Kathy Cummings

    I have a wonderful sunroom with tv and all my sewing stuff!!!
    I live here!!!
    Thank you!!


  132. Virginia Molamphy

    I have my sewing room AKA “the studio”, which is an extra bedroom in our home.

  133. Billi Wickey

    Yes!! Thank goodness, I’ve finally got a dedicated sewing room. For more than 25 years, my sewing space has been the 3×5 kitchen island. Empty nest and retirement has allowed us to begin transforming 2 bedrooms into a sewing/crafting space.

  134. Donna

    I have an office/sewing/craft room. It’s a bit of a disaster at the moment and needs a serious cleanly so I can be more productive!

  135. goonyburd

    I have a dedicated sewing room, but it’s really messy right now. I’m going to straighten it up this week

  136. Colleen Patterson

    I have a dedicated sewing room. 1/2 of my basement. More area to spread and collect more stuff.

  137. Shelyn

    Yes do I have a dedicated small sewing space just needs to organize. Still working on where to put all my sewing notions. Can’t wait to see when it’s done. I am a bz mom who stay up all night sewing all my kids clothes and all my desire projects! I’m just too bz doing the day taking care of all my kiddos so I can only sew all my projects a night. My kids called me a midnight Sew!?? that’s why I called Myself a midnight sewing ??. Anyway, Hopefully I can get my sewing room all organized by February!?☺️

    1. B

      I am lucky enough to have a beautiful room for all of my creating!!! I love being in that room! I have a design boardf or the first time and use it ALL of the time!!!! Live is wonderful!!!!!

  138. br20ten

    I have a dedicated space in my living room.

  139. Robin Delano

    Yes and no… My sewing machine lives on a table in my back hallway with my yarn stash but I also do a lot of hand sewing all over the house…

  140. ashishebooktrip

    Thanks for showing that kind of knowledge on your portal.
    You have done all good.
    I love to see you again with some new content.


  141. Catherine Dixon

    I have a bedroom that started out as my study/office. Then I moved my art studio home from a separate one in the Art District. Then I became more passionate about quilting than painting!!–so now it works for all 3. But mostly I use it for storing my ever growing stash & sewing quilts.

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