#SewPINK: MJs Messenger Bag

This is my second year participating in ByAnnie.com’s #SewPINK initiative to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and breast cancer research. Which also means that this was another opportunity for me to talk to my 7 year-old daughter about breast cancer. I’m assuming that the never-ending questions is an every kid kinda thing, but Helena always wants to know what I’m working on and who with and what its for. So naturally, the subject came up, which meant the questions follow and the information seeking and conversations that we have as a result are priceless.

As part of the initiative, Annie invites some uber talented makers to join her blog hop and I’m super honored to be a part of the group again. And with my 2020 project I decided to go big: the MJs Messenger bag. In my head a messenger bag made with my Readers print from my Hooked Collection was too fly to pass up, so I went for it.

But honestly, when I first opened the pattern and looked at all the fabric cuts to keep track of, I might have had a mini freak out because I couldn’t wrap my brain around all the steps. So I decided not to worry about the cuts and just take each step to prepare what I needed, which worked like a pro for my brain and placing the little check marks as I went really kept my brain organized.

So basically, don’t be scared to tackle a pattern with little steps, especially if it’s one of Annie’s because hers are a 10 out of 10. So here are a few detail shots of my messenger bag, including one of the bag turned inside out so you can see the lining.


ByAnnie.com has offered a $30 gift card to one lucky winner. So I thought it would be neato to have a giveaway on my blog since I don’t think I’ve ever done that and I’m totally open minded so… To be eligible to win the gift card, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments here. This will end of October 10th at 5pm PT. Good luck y’all!

And without further ado, drum roll please….. My finished MJs Messenger bag is complete and ready to travel with me to all of my important business meetings in my house.

Schedule of Makers

2020 Blog Hop Schedule

The #SewPink Initiative was created by ByAnnie.com LLC to raise awareness for breast cancer throughout the year. Our efforts culminate in an annual blog hop during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote self-care, awareness, early detection and support for those affected by breast cancer. 

To learn more and see the calendar of events visit: https://www.ByAnnie.com/SewPINK

To find screenings available near you: 

To donate directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation visit: https://give.bcrf.org/give/31404/#!/donation/checkout


  1. RedHairedLady (Laura)

    This turned out absolutely beautiful! I’m a sewers knitter and crocheted, plus I wear glasses, so I’m thrilled about your new fabric line!

  2. Monique

    I love it! Thanks for sharing. I need to make this bag (because I need one for one of my tablets) and not get overwhelmed by all the steps. Those checkboxes help tremendously.

    Thanks for discussing breast cancer with your daughter. It’s never too early to learn.

    1. Kori

      Love this bag! Byannie has so many great patterns!

  3. Jamie Scheibach

    This messenger bag looks so great in your hooked fabrics! Thank you for the pattern review.

  4. Lauren Dalton

    Love this! It turned out great! Your process photos make it look so easy!

  5. Shelly Knox

    I absolutely love this messenger bag and have to make it! The fabric and colors are brand you did an amazing job!!

  6. Diane Beavers

    Really cool Messenger Bag!! Uber important to coach your daughter early about breast cancer . Thank you!

  7. Lynn

    I love the granny square fabric as my grandmother could crotchet them in her sleep. It is the only thing I can crotchet.

  8. Elizabeth Isringhausen

    I am loving this bag ! Perfect design for my new work bag ! Now I just have to decide on my fabric pulls! Keep killing the game xoxo

  9. MaryBeth Little

    Your bag is super cute!

  10. Melissa L

    Her patterns are so great; I especially love this messenger bag. Well done, Matthew! Looks fantastic. ?

  11. Moneik Stephens

    Such a cool messenger bag. As a 1 year survivor of breast cancer, I’m so thankful for this blog hop.

  12. Charlie MacDonald

    I love Annie’s bags! You are absolutely right about them looking a little scary at the beginning, but her steps are clear and you get such an amazing bag at the end. Deep breaths and chocolate help.

  13. Terri Brooke-Hasstedt

    I’ve not seen such a wonderful fabric, that looks like crochet granny squares, the design of the bag looks great. Thanks for participating in such a good cause.

  14. Jen Feicht

    Love this bag!! I am a 5 year survivor and I am so appreciative that everyone is doing their part to get the word out and support the research to eliminate this awful disease!!! Thank you all!!!

  15. Tobey

    You have given me courage to tackle the Annie pattern I bought recently. I took one look at all the pieces and got scared. Prepping just what I need for a particular section never crossed my mind. Thank you, as always.

  16. Jen Mercer

    OMG – your messenger bag is so cute! My Mom is a breast cancer survivor so getting information out there and discussing it is so important. Thank you!

  17. Linda Valentino

    What a great fabric collection… perfect for the messenger bag! I’ve been following you for a few months now. Reasons? Your upbeat, positive, all inclusive personality! Thank you for being you in this crazy world we live in…

  18. Carole P. Gentry

    You mean Helena didn’t claim the bag for herself? LOL
    I’m with you…the first time I looked at a ByAnnie pattern, I was completely overwhelmed and actually put off the project for “later”. Well, thankfully, “later” finally arrived and I dove right in, taking each step, one step at a time. There is a method to the madness and the end result is always fabulous! This is my first year following her Blog Hop and I’m so excited because it is introducing me to wonderful makers like yourself. I’m working on the byAnnie Ultimate Travel Bag now.
    Thank you and MJ’s bag is excellent! Love the colors!

  19. Bonnie Davis

    This is just beautiful! I want to try to make it myself!

  20. Leah Salzyn

    Huge fan of you and Annie! I love your new collection with art gallery! I already ordered some of the fabric.

  21. Frances

    The bag is beautiful and I love the fabrics. Thanks for sharing

  22. Beth Hintz

    Love this MJs Messenger Bag and I’ll replay your pattern review when I make it, cuz your enthusiasm is contagious!

  23. Paige

    Omg i think this is like a sign for me! I just bought some super cute kitty and fishbone fabric that i want to make a bag out of and this is perfect! So cute!

  24. JoAnn

    I’ve had this pattern for a while. You have given me the inspiration to get busy and sew it up?

  25. Maree Whitley

    This messenger bag is way cool and your fabrics are beyond amazing! I was very lucky to “win” your Catch and Release backpack in last year’s fundraiser auction for AIDS Walk Portland and she/he would surely love to have this messenger bag as a BFF. Thanks for all the inspiration and LOVE you share! <3 :~D

  26. Susan Basista

    Looks great! I haven’t been able to motivate myself to finish anything lately!

  27. Charlene

    Your bag is incredible. The way you quilted the reader print makes it look as though you designed it specifically for that pattern. Way to rock your sewing mojo.

  28. Andrea Rea

    Love it! I really enjoy making bags but have to do the same thing you did. One step at a time otherwise my brain goes into overload. Helena is a very luck young lady to have a dad willing and open to having tough conversations. Breast cancer is a scary subject for everyone, but so important to know about.

  29. Cassandra Sullivan

    Love the bag style and the fabric. Is the pattern beginner friendly.

  30. Carole Pilon

    The bag is awesome in your collection. I need to make one for myself. I love byAnnie pattern, I made the Ultimate Travel bag and it was easy to follow (I bought the video tutorial cause I was scared not to understand in English instruction and the video is great too).

  31. Holly

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me.

  32. Tracey Harty

    I love Annie’s bags. It’s always fun to see the fabric people choose and really great to see your line in action !

  33. Cheryl Scheffel

    Beautiful bag. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, both in crafting and life!!

  34. Cheryl Scheffel

    Beautiful bag. Thank you for all the inspiration, both in crafting and life!!

  35. Lois Willingham

    hi mr d. love this messenger bag. where can i get pattern. got tons of material and granddaughters that would love to get one of there from Mema(thats what they all call me)

  36. Shannon K Denbow

    This is amazing. I do love this bag, but had never seen the inside before. The detail you provided in your picture really makes me want to get this bag pattern. I seem to have so many things going on all at once. Being the President for an HOA, while trying to make things for my grandkids, design things for my family, and maintain my sanity has been an interesting adventure. Meanwhile, back to your bag. I love love love your fabric choices as well as your other blog items. Thank you for sharing. I will add your shop as one of my favorites. I am excited to see what I can learn from you! Thank you again.

  37. Cheryl Aloise

    Annie’s messenger bag turned out wonderful and loved your fabric choices. It looks difficult, but like you said, one step at a time and you can accomplish anything!

  38. Troy Jennene Gibbs

    Lov’n that messenger bag. Glad you are participating & sharing the important message that all women (even men) need to hear about Breast Cancer. Awareness & early detection is key. Thanks for all you do to rally everyone.

  39. Jan Koehn

    This is a great looking messenger bag!
    Who doesn’t need one or two of these?

  40. Sheryl Roller

    Super messenger bag! I agree Annie’s directions are very detailed and very clear!

  41. Elaine Murszewski

    The new messenger bag is gorgeous with the right “crafters material” and style. This is definitely on my “list to make”. I know that I want one as it will serve every purpose. My dearest friends would also love this so I’ll have to make 10 of them.

    Mathew, thank you for your style, personality, kindness and for being so very genuine! You are one in a million! ❤️

  42. Sherry

    You as always are an inspiration, love the messenger bag and live your open honest opinions! Never stop, your voice is too important.


    That is an awesome looking bag! I love the colors and fabrics. But Matthew you make us feel like we can make anything!

  44. Randa Parrish

    Hello from all your girlfriends in Oklahoma. The Prairie Quilt team send their love. I just made a backpack of Annie’s, I love her patterns and the one you made was super cool! Your last line about taking the bag to all your important meetings in your house was classic Mister Domestic. I believe someday, somewhere we will get to see each other in person. Your energy inspires me, even when I see it in print rather than in person my spirit is lifted. Keep doing the GOOD work!

  45. Barbara Dumler

    Loved the fabric that you used. I love the by Annie projects and yes, my brain did the same thing. Tackle only one step at a time and it works.

  46. The Brat Queen

    The bag looks amazing and I’m very interested in Annie’s website now. It’s good to get recommendations about places to buy from where you know the store owners are good people. Much appreciated!

  47. Susan Bodan

    Love the bag. Fabrics are perfect. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  48. Sybilla Steenport

    Beautiful done! Maybe now I won’t be so afraid to try this. After all OCTOBER is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, please don’t forget to get your Mammogram done, in memory of my cousin and in honor of so many friends I will make this and gift it to my daughter in law! Thank you for the encouragement @misterdomestic!

  49. Becky Johnson

    Great bag – love the pink lining!!

  50. Louise Brock

    It looks GREAT! I LOVE the patterns byannie but haven’t made this one. She does a great job with directions and once you‘ve done one, you can do any. Love your fabric!❤️❤️❤️

  51. Kathryn Parsons

    Nice to know it can be done…..I am about to embark on my first byAnnie pattern….like you looked at the pattern and said ‘yikes’. However……steps, labels and videos are leading me to trust the process. Hopefully after some confidence building I can tackle the one you have done. Love the fabric ?

  52. Karen Van Voorhis

    I love it!! I’m so into making bags. I think this is a must have for me.

  53. Cheryl

    I absolutely LOVE your messenger bag. Love the colors .

  54. Liz Fane

    It’s wonderful that in sharing your love of sewing with your daughter you were able to share a very important message about breast cancer awareness that she’ll carry for the rest of her life. Beautiful messenger bag to start a great conversation.

  55. Madeline Bloom

    Love this bag! Absolutely love your gorgeous fabric! That readers fabric was so cute to add to that line. So creative so beautiful inside and out!

  56. Karen Ostrosky

    The bag is AWESOME! I love to sew with Annie, I have sewn several of her bags and gave to my family for Christmas gifts! The fabric choice on the messenger bag is so cute!
    I am a breast cancer survivor, thank you for #SewPink Initiative!

  57. Susan MacLeod

    Love the new fabric line. Nice bag, as well.

  58. Laurie Levites

    Well.. I won’t put down my crochet hooks, but I do love that fabric and the pattern is Ahhh-Mazing!

  59. Christine Prager

    I love this bag. Thank you so much for taking part in this important cause and for sharing this with us.

  60. Carol Broughtob

    Your bag is fabulous! I’ve only made a couple of Annie’s patterns, small bags, and her instructions are clear and she has the add on videos which are so helpful.

  61. Tonna

    I really like the pink lining in your bag. I’ve made several of Annie’s patterns, but not this one. And I’m looking for a new laptop bag for when we finally can leave the house.

  62. Karen

    Wow, I’ve seen your fabric before & was intrigued. Well seeing your bag I know I have to make it in your material . It’s perfect. As a breast cancer survivor ,thank you! A big thank you for the importance of talking to your little one. Well done all the way around.

  63. Deana Murchison

    Love the messenger bag. What a fantastic job you did, but I would expect nothing less of you :). Being a 20 year breast cancer survivor (I was diagnosed and had surgery in my early 40’s) I appreciate all that you do to support awareness. You are such an inspiration!

  64. Heidi Egen

    This looks like a great messenger bag and I need one for taking all my electronics on the road and keeping them organized! Super!

  65. Nini Bartolome

    Beautiful! I love this!

  66. Abbey

    Such a cute bag! I can’t wait to get the fabric and play ?

  67. Jan

    Love your messenger bag and your fabric collection. I’m going to call my local quilt store Monday to see if they have any of your fabrics in stock. If not I’m going to see if they will order some. There is an avid crocheter in my family who would go nuts if I gave her a bag made out of your Hooked fabric collection.

  68. Debbie Fraser

    Awesome bag! Great fabric choices too. I’m a step checker too ✅

  69. Beth L

    Meetings at home are the most important! Hopefully your co-workers bring doughnuts!

  70. Anne Mullis

    I absolutely LOVE your fabric choices for the MJ’s Messenger Bag! Now, if only I could get my vision to the point of “only” needing reading glasses…………

  71. Birdie Cade

    Sew appreciate your contributions to breast cancer awareness. Many people don’t know that men can develop breast cancer, too, so you are helping men & women!

  72. Angela

    Love your bag, and love your tip about using black soft & stable to make the colors pop. Thanks!

  73. Susan Harbaugh

    Your bag looks terrific. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Craftyrox

    When I saw the photo of you holding the messenger bag, I was surprised at how big it actually was! I like your tip of going step by step. I find that sometimes cutting all the pieces can be overwhelming to keep track of. Your fabric choice is awesome! LOL ( I watched one of your videos of the reveal). The print with the Granny squares is a beaut! Off to check out your pattern review vid!

  75. Jayne P

    This is a great bag and I love your fabrics

  76. Tessa

    The Morrison Tour has opened up doors that i didn’t know existed presently i’m making mask with fabrics printed for breast cancer. Normally we have a cake sale to raise funds but we can’t this year so we decided to do mask. I have made a 103 so far. i’m new to bag making so it’s a pleasure being introduce to you and ByAnnie.

  77. SUSAN S

    Oh this bag is cute and so useful! I should make one for all my at home travels too!!

  78. Brenda

    I am a huge Patterns byAnnie fan! Your bag is amazing, especially the way you fussy cut the exterior trim. I know what you mean though—when you first look at one of her patterns, it’s like “WHOA! That’s a lot of words!” Great job, Mr. D.

  79. Emily

    Love your messenger bag! This is the one of Annie’s patterns that I think I want to try next. I watched your pattern review and thought it was terrific!

  80. Pam

    Your messenger bag is awesome! It’s attractive and useful and whimsical all at the same time. Thanks for all the inspiration that your share – both in sewing and in social justice.

  81. Michele T

    Holy smokers your bag turned out beautifully!!! I am impressed and inspired!!!

  82. Jean Johnson

    Very good looking bag

  83. Jenniffer Eberley

    That is a great bag and a lovely donation to a worthy cause


    Just Love the MJ messenger bag. I have mostly southwest patterned items but I don’t have. a messenger bag yet. It looks beautiful and so functional for all of my needs when I am out sightseeing. My daughter wants me to give up my belt bag and I figured this would be a good trade off. Don’t you think so? Anyway, it is beautiful and I would love to win your creation. Thank you.

  85. Debra Kaiser

    Love your fabrics on the messenger bag! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  86. Sonya Leach

    Your bag is beautiful and what a fantastic way to talk to and educate your daughter.

  87. Shar

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Thank you for participating and getting the word out – and hey folks, it’s NOT JUST WOMEN who should be checked if something seems off! MEN also can get breast cancer. A man’s chances of developing breast cancer are 1 in 1000, but BE AWARE! GET SCREENED. https://www.medicinenet.com/male_breast_cancer/article.htm#:~:text=Breast%20cancer%20is%20100%20times%20more%20common%20in,about%201%2F10%20of%201%25%2C%20or%20one%20in%201%2C000.

  88. Linda R.

    The messenger bag is great. Love the fabric!

  89. Margaret May

    Great bag!

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