Easy Canvas Zipper Pouch

Hey there everybody! The time in nigh to make yourself some of these easy-peasy zippered pouches. No matter how many zippered pouches that I have, I can always come up with a reason to make a few more. So when the opportunity came to partner with Michaels to showcase their fabric awesomeness, I jumped at then chance to come up with a super duper easy-peasy way to make this ubiquitous project that’s great for organization and gift-making needs alike. 

I got my supplies from Michaels.com, so head over there to check out their new selection of fabric and notions. They’ve really upped their fabric game and you’d be surprised at how much awesome they have.

Grab yourself two 6″ x 10″ rectangles of both canvas and lining fabric, a 10″-ish zipper and some clips. And even though I didn’t use fabric tape in this project, I often use it to help set the zipper before I begin stitching. It’s for sure a game changer if you’ve never sewn a zipper before. Because it’s time to make yourself a set of these Canvas Zipper Pouches with lining. And if you don’t have those supplies, I got everything I needed at Michaels.com.

I created a time-lapse tutorial in my IGTV, where you’ll find everything you need to turn “nigh” into “now”. And make sure to check out my blog post for more information of this project. And if you’re a zippered pouch owner, what kinds stuff do you put in them? I’m trying to come up with reasons to make some more, so any help in the comments would be super awesome. 

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