Woven Take a Stand Case

Last month, I had the chance to participate in Annie Unrein’s (PatternsByAnnie.com) #SewPINK initiative to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer. And I’m trying this new thing of choosing my mental health over meeting deadlines, so at the time, I had just begun this project, which I knew was totally an option at the onset of initiative. But today, I bring you the mostly finishes Woven Take a Stand Case. I still have to finish hand binding, but just pretend you don’t see the hanging threads.

The project had actually started before I even realized it. I was sent a stack of Libs Elliott‘s Phosphor 21 fabric and I immediately wove it up, which is something I do alot. I usually don’t have a project in mind when I weave. I just love weaving and it’s therapeutic for me, so this was woven and quilted before I signed up for the blog tour. I think I screamed with glee when I realized that it was the right size for the project. Beyond the weave, these are the supplies I used…

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And I’m super stoked that I have taken my time making this because it allowed for the entire process to be joy-filled. I didn’t want to cut up the weave too much, so I tweaked the pattern for maximum external weave, so patience was for sure needed. And Annie’s patterns are legit. I honestly get intimidated by bag patterns because their are lots of steps and trying to wrap my brain around the entire process breaks my brain. But with Annie’s patterns, I know that if I just jump in and follow each step as it comes that I’ll end up with an amazing bag. What do you think?

As always, thanks for being a part of my journey. You rock! Love ya mean it.

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