Cricut Bright 360 Desk Lamp Review

I have teamed up with Cricut for this sponsored review of one of their new lamps. And I am absolutely enamored with my new @Cricut Bright 360 Desk Lamp and keep getting distracted by all of its cool features. Definitely a next-level LED situation happening here. And my favorite is sewing at night with only this lamp on as I rage to Enya. Talk about functional ambience.

I’ve embedded an Instagram Reels video below so you can see the lamp in action. Seriously, the amount of cubic space that this lamp is able to occupy in all its pivoting is vast. A lot of times when I’m creating, especially filming, I need to use multiple lights to capture different areas. With the @Cricut Bright 360 Desk Lamp, it’s the only lamp I need for a lot of my close-up work.

To become better acquainted with some of the features, check out the graphics below.

So at the end of the day, how do I feel about this lamp and do I recommend it? First, I actually do love it. I’ve tested out a lot of lamps and, honestly, a lot of them end up in my storage because I just don’t get much utility out of them. This one is different. This one is one I already find myself using seamlessly, so it’s pretty much integrated itself into my workflow. Plus it’s very hubba hubba and can fill in for a ring light for my face when doing lives or content videos. So ya, I recommend this @Cricut Bright 360 Desk Lamp big time. To secure your own LED Friend, click on any of the images in this blog or this link.

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