There's Nothing I Love More Than Connecting

(Except maybe talking about quilting and inclusivity)

Bringing Joy and Authenticity to the World of Makers

I am a polycraftual maker who crochets, sews, quilts, weaves, die cuts, and lots more. I’m considered to be a thought-leader and expert in many of those areas on a domestic and international scale. 

As an asexual crafter who previously identified as a gay male since I was 17, the importance of visibility and companies elevating queer makers without exploiting them is an active and actionable goal for Mister Domestic.

Beyond the queer community, creating a truly inclusive space for and partnering with other oppressed groups is at the core of everything that I do. 

I have two Masters Degrees, one in Communication and a second in Business Administration. I love helping both future and current entrepreneurs in the maker space to achieve all the dreams they didn’t even know to dream.

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