Fundraiser for Abortion Funds

Even though we had months to prepare since the leaked Roe V Wade decision became public, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a decision that each of justices who overturned it said was precedent under oath, is frightening in the fervor with which some states are controlling uteruses even more
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Say Gay. Say Queer. Say Trans. Pride Fabric Collection

“Say Gay. Say Queer. Say Trans.” is the name of my 8th fabric collection that I’ve placed over in my @spoonflower shop. When I began designing for this Pride, I was thinking maybe a couple prints. But designing with absolutely zero limitations for the LGBTQ+ community took on a life
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7 Things Brands Should Know When Working with LGBTQIA+ Creators for Pride

7 Things Brands Should Know When Working with LGBTQIA+ Creators for Pride Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic For brands looking to form partnerships with LGBTQIA+ creators during Pride month, the difference between a truly authentic and mutually beneficial partnership and “rainbow washing” is critical. It can mean the difference between a

Crochet Sunflower Pillow Pattern Fundraiser for Ukraine

“A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Ukraine as attacks of war put millions of lives at risk. Innocent families, women and girls, and the elderly will suffer most. CARE’s immediate crisis response aims to reach 4 million with your help.” From Through March 31, 2022, 100% of the revenue
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LGBTQ Nonprofits To Donate To

8 LGBTQ Nonprofits Your Craft Guild Can Donate To This Year By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic Spring is a time of transformation and planning. It’s also a great time for your craft guild, quilt guild, weaving guild, or maker guild to update the nonprofits it supports. As a queer

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Clutter-Loving Crafters That Actually Work

By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic If you’re a cluttered crafter, like me, it’s time to let go of Instagram-perfect craft rooms. Life is too precious and far too short to strive for the impossible. I want you to have joy in your life today–not a week from now, or

5 Reasons You Should Slow Your Social Media and Start Crafting

5 Reasons You Should Slow Your Social Media and Start Crafting By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic Photo by Becca Blevins When was the last time you sat through a movie without checking your phone, or took a picture without posting it to social media? How much time did you

Tips on Marketing with Social Media for Makers Class with Michaels

We live in a time where both social media and social media marketing are critical to the success of most small businesses. Within Sewing & Crafting, knowing how to optimize each platform can be the difference between a thriving business and the inability to get out of the “hobby”-zone. But

Fundraiser for Anti-Racism 2021

Mister Domestic stands firmly with the Black & Indigenous Communities. Saying that Black Lives Matter or Indigenous Lives Matter as much as every other life should not be hard for anyone to say. And the time is NOW to end the systemic oppression by design of Black and Indigenous communities.

Knitting Machine Santa Hat

If you follow me on TikTok, then you’ve probably seen my obsession with using my Power Drill on my Addi Knitting Machine. I had a lightbulb moment today and realized that I had everything that I I needed to make a Santa Hat, so I jumped at the chance to

Woven Take a Stand Case

Last month, I had the chance to participate in Annie Unrein’s ( #SewPINK initiative to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer. And I’m trying this new thing of choosing my mental health over meeting deadlines, so at the time, I had just begun this project, which I knew was

8 Powerful Ways to Be a Queer Ally This Holiday Season

8 Powerful Ways to Be a Queer Ally This Holiday Season By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic The holidays can be a time that evokes fond memories and visions of sugarplums for some, but for many it’s a reminder of what they don’t celebrate, or don’t have, or feel left

9 Tips for Navigating the Holidays While Queer

9 Tips for Navigating the Holidays While Queer By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic The holidays should be accessible to everyone who wants to celebrate, but that isn’t always the case. Considering how many families ignore, misunderstand, shun, disparage, or disown their LGBTQIA+ family members, it’s no wonder that many

The #SewPink Initiative – 2021

This is the third year that I’ve participated in Annie’s #SewPink Initiative and I’m always honored to participate when asked. Her patterns are phenomenal. Bags are next level extra to sew and any time I try to wrap my brain around the entire process, anxiety is sure to follow. But

9 Secrets of Self-Care for Content Creators

9 Secrets of Self-Care for Content Creators By Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic Whether you’re a content creator full-time, part-time, or on weekends in between your regular job, being a content creator often comes with a significant emotional burden. While the topics content creators choose to focus on are usually

10 Ways Your Guild Can Encourage LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

10 Ways Your Guild Can Encourage LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic I firmly believe creative guilds have the power to change the world and have been doing so since the dawn of time. Quilt guilds, knitting guilds, weaving guilds, and crafting guilds in general have always been a

7 Things Brands Should Know When Working with LGBTQIA+ Creators for Pride

7 Things Brands Should Know When Working with LGBTQIA+ Creators for Pride Mathew Boudreaux, AKA Mister Domestic For brands looking to form partnerships with LGBTQIA+ creators during Pride month, the difference between a truly authentic and mutually beneficial partnership and “rainbow washing” is critical. It can mean the difference between

Love is Love Pride Collection in Now Available!!!

Yes, you indeed read that correctly. My Love is Love Pride Collection is now available for purchase. The collection is exclusive to Amazon/ and printed by PBS Fabrics and they moved mountains to get this collection out to y’all in time for Pride. And legit, gratitude isn’t strong enough of a word to express how thankful,

No-Sew Fleece Pillow with Tutorial

Did you know that fleece has a super power? I just learned this in this project that’s in collaboration with Michaels and now I want to make all the fleece things. Like it doesn’t fray. That’s absolutely bananas to me because, by it not fraying, it increases the number of

Easy Canvas Zipper Pouch

Hey there everybody! The time in nigh to make yourself some of these easy-peasy zippered pouches. No matter how many zippered pouches that I have, I can always come up with a reason to make a few more. So when the opportunity came to partner with Michaels to showcase their

Sew-U is Now Live

The day is finally here for me to announce something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for over a year now. Ever since my YouTube Channel was phished, hacked and stolen for a couple months back in 2019, I knew that two things needed to happen: I needed to

Crochet Linen Stitch plus JoAnn Yarn Haul

Even though I’m always learning new techniques and finding new textiles, I have consciously stayed away from wool. In my mind, it was itchy, not very comfortable, and always managed to find its way into my regular laundry. So when given the chance to focus on nothing but wool for

Snow Day Project Party

With the launch of my Snow Day Fabric Collection, a party was definitely in order. Inspired by a literal Snow Day from 2019I invited both current and new members of my Master Maker Group to join the party, as well as a couple folks outside of the group. For those new

Snow Day Flowermania Pillow

Originally, this was going to be a table runner- but boy oh boy am I glad that I did that because loooooook. This pillow is straight up boss. So comfy and cozy and chic and stylish and made with my AGF Snowday collection. I’m not saying that entirely because it’s
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Gay Pride Woven Hexie Ornament

I had the pleasure of doing a livestream over on the Janome Facebook Page and I revisited my Woven Hexie Ornament with some extra flair. I’m learning the further I go on this Mister Domestic journey, the more important is has become for me to espouse conversations not only in

Family, Gender & Sewing: Livestream Event

Even before my new Janome M7 was headed to me in the mail, I knew that this machine would be non-binary, which created the perfect opportunity to bring up the topic on gender-noncomformity with all of you. And then I asked for suggestions for their name, which was an enlightening

My Favorite Holiday Ornaments

I realized that I never put all of my ornaments into a post together to make them easy to find. So tada: ORNAMENTS. Click on the links or images below to learn more about each one. The Quilted Ball Ornament Learn to make your own quilted ball ornament here.  Supplies:
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Knitter’s Pride The Mindful Collection

Never did I ever think that I would ever fall in love with knitting needles. Alas, the unthinkable has happened and I’m absolutely smitten with Knitter’s Pride’s The Mindful Collection. I’d done knitting in the past and was able to pick up crochet fairly easily, so I never went back

Rainbow Fringe Pillow

When I originally posted my silly Reels on this pillow, I didn’t realize so many would wanna make one. Luckily I filmed part of the construction when I made it, so I was able to cobble together a tutorial to help y’all out. So head over to my YouTube to

Holiday Checkerboard

CHECKERS!!!!! I totally sewed an heirloom checkerboard and used big buttons for the checkers it’s legit awesome. To learn how to make your own or to listen to me talk for 4 minutes, head over to my Youtube Channel. I did this video/tutorial for Joann Fabrics and I love this
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Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns

Okay so this book is boss. Facts are facts. When Electric Quilt Company reached out asking if I’d partner with them to get out the words of the upcoming release for the 3rd Edition of Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, I basically flipped out that such an Encyclopedia
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DIY No-Sew Fabric Swedish Star Ornament Tutorial

In this video, I’ll walk you through this new no-sew take on the Fabric Swedish Star Ornament. The sky is the limit with possibilities of awesome and there’s absolutely no sewing. You can even use paper, vinyl or wrapping paper to start a new holiday tradition.
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Quick & Easy Crochet Hat w Video Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I started this blue crochet hat while I was on the Shi Show over on the Lion Brand Yarn Facebook Page. Shira founded Hat not Hate, which is an organization and campaign which uses blue hats as a beacon for the fight against bullying. Seriously check

Biden Harris 2020 Quilt Block

So I was trying to come up with a project for myself that would fill me with hope today, so I created this Biden Harris Applique Block and thought some of y’all might wanna make it for similar reasons. I’ll work up a better “pattern” later, but for those who

VOTE: Remove Stubborn Orange Stains Quilt Block

VOTE: Remove Stubborn Orange Stains. Yes please and thank you in advance. I had the pleasure of creating this quilt block of the month for Social Justice Sewing Academy that was inspired by student work. So now y’all can go to the link in my profile to get the free

Rainbow Lone Star Quilt for gSAFE Auction

A few weeks ago, Brian J sent me an e-mail because someone recommended me to him as someone who might be able to help. So whoever recommended me, thank you because legit this is an organization and a cause that is sadly so necessary. This fundraiser is now open through

Hooked Project Party

With the launch of my Hooked Fabric Collection, a party was definitely in order. Inspired by my daughter Helena’s playroom, I invited both current and new members of my Master Maker Group to join the party, as well as a couple folks outside of the group. For those new to my

Hooked Fabric Pumpkins

Every year around this time, I just have to make fabric pumpkins. Ever since the first time four years ago, it’s one of the many things about this time of year that bring me joy: making fabric pumpkins. And this year, I of course had to make them with my
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Hooked Moon River Quilt Top

Sometimes when I’m trying to look for my next project, I like to go to the shop of a designer I like and find something to make. So when I got my Hooked Fabric strike offs, I immediately went to Ebony Love to see what patterns she had that might

#SewPINK: MJs Messenger Bag

This is my second year participating in’s #SewPINK initiative to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and breast cancer research. Which also means that this was another opportunity for me to talk to my 7 year-old daughter about breast cancer. I’m assuming that the never-ending questions is an
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We are so excited today to show off the list of classes and teachers for our autumn 2020 session of the Mod Bee. This session will run from Thursday, October 22 through Saturday October 24 and will be filled with classes, conversations, quilting, giveaways, and fun…and the best part is that

Woven Tote with Video Tutorial

When we first finalized the Makers Tool Print from my Hooked Fabrics, I knew that I was going to weave it together. The subtle stripes and chic off-white I thought would look gorgeous in a woven tote. So I put my thinking cap on and figured out how to do

Drawstring Pouch with Video Tutorial

In this video, I’ll walk you through all the steps to creating this drawstring pouch bag. I use english paper pieced hexagons for my exterior, but this tutorial can be used for any drawstring pouch, whether hexified or basic. For a hexie layout, base template & supply list:Download [mailchimp_subscriber_popup baseUrl=’’

Rainbow Hexie Face Mask with Filter Pocket (Tutorial)

“Oops I did it again.” What’s better than one hexie mask? Well a second one of course. But this time it’s rainbow-tastic to the max. And this one has a filter pocket even! Thanks Melanie for letting me share it. So head over to my YouTube to the new tutorial.

Confetti Waves Blanket

One night, I had the idea to start using the colors of my upcoming fabric collections in other creative mediums so that my social looked more snatched. So I bought a bunch of yarn from Knit Picks and it sat on my shelf until I got my Hooked Strike-Offs. When

Hexie Face Mask with Video Tutorial

“CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where either social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. CDC also advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people

Hands of Pride Raw Edge Applique Panel

To honor t the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I both updated my Hands of Pride design and created a tutorial over on YouTube. And here are the templates: Hands of PrideDownload This project is raw edge applique and here are the supplies that I used in the video.

Rainbow Face Mask with Video Tutorial

As the cases of the Coronavirus begin to dramatically rise again in the United States, it became clear that we were going to be wearing masks for a long time since way too many folks aren’t. And if you’re anything like me, nothing gives me a pick me up like

Fundraiser for Anti-Racism

Alderwood Studio and Mister Domestic stand firmly with the Black Community. Saying that Black Lives Matter as much as every other life should not be hard for anyone to say. And the time is NOW to end the systemic oppression by design of the black community and the senseless murders

Craft a Life You Love Podcast

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being on a panel with Amy Tangerine for the Craft Industry Alliance. If you don’t know Amy, you’re definitely missing out because she’s a scrapbooking queen who loves color and intentionally tries to live the best version of herself each and

Elevated Abstractions – Midnight Edition

When Violet Craft initially released her Elevated Abstractions Quilt Pattern a few years ago, I knew I had to make it. At that point, I had played with a couple of Violet’s EPP patterns, bu had yet to tackle one of her Foundation Patterns and this seemed like it was

The Tale of Three Curtains

Shortly after my governor enacted a stay-at-home order, my neighborhood had a moment with a couple thieves stealing stuff out of folks cars in the middle of the night. As a result, my spouse asked me to make curtains for all of the downstairs windows so folks can’t see what’s

Playroom Project Party-Week 5

Oh how bittersweet. Parting is such sweet sorry indeed. Our fifth and final week of the Playroom Project is finally upon us. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for all of the submissions and projects that came to be! And with that, below are the final creations.

Octopus and Coat Duo (Guest blog by Florence Taylor)

How exciting to be part of this tour, like most people I was a fan of the blog, awe of the talent and delighted by Mister Domestic. When he asked me to participate I was o overjoyed. The collection is whimsical, bright, fun and comfortable. You smile looking at the

Helena’s Purple Striped Afghan

Sometimes a big chunky blanket is just what the doctor ordered! The texture and feel of this Sprightly Acrylic Super Bulky Yarn is very ooh la la. I originally got two skeins of it to play with, but quickly knew that I had to made Helena an afghan. The four
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Playroom Project Party-Week 4

Week 4 in the Playroom Project Party has come to a close. Check out these amazing projects for the week! WEEK 4 Monday, March 16th: Maria Schneider of Madame TailorTuesday, March 17th: Diane Spencer-Ogg of Spencer OggWednesday, March 18th: Heather Butler of Stay Little SewingThursday, March 19th: Kenzy Hogan of Sewing CoralsFriday, March 20th:

Spring ModBee 2020 – Online Modern Quilting Conference

I am excited to announce that tickets for the Mod Bee Spring 2020 session are now on sale! This will be my third time teaching in this on-line conference and each time it gets even more and more fun. What is the Mod Bee? Mod Bee is a 3 day, online conference
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Playroom Project Party – Week 3

Week 3 in the Playroom Project Party has come and gone, with gobs a gobs of amazing projects from this phenomenal set of Master Makers. WEEK 3 Monday, March 9th: Isabelle Selak of Southbay Bella StudioTuesday, March 10th: Elizabeth Gilmartin of Bitter Candy DesignWednesday, March 11th: Laura Strickland of Orange Blossom QuiltThursday, March
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Patchwork Gifts’ Mug Rug (guest blog by Kim Barnett)

Hey everybody! This is Mathew popping in just to say how proud I am of Kim Barnett. In my pursuit of both trying to manage my spirit by not taking on extra assignments and wanting to help as many folks as possible, I thought it would be super rad to
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Playroom Project Party-Week 2

WEEK 2 Monday, March 2nd: Amanda Gehl of Catalina HomegrownTuesday, March 3rd: Anne Boundy of Said With LoveWednesday, March 4th: Maja Wlusek of BetyipiernatyThursday, March 5th: Jerry Roodt of Jerry RoodtFriday, March 6th: Vanessa Behymer of Vintage BarngirlSaturday, March 7th: Jocelyn Gonzales of MGJBTX Quilts Week 2 of the Playroom Project Party kicks off today with
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Playroom Project Party-Week 1

Boom boom shake the room! I’m over the moon to celebrate and kick off the first week of my Playroom Project Party with these amazing makers. This is just the first of five weeks of awesomeness. Methinks you will be as blown away as I am. And with that, (big

Rainbow Dots Duo: FQS Pillow Fight Entry

A couple months ago, Fat Quarter Shop reached out asking if I’d want to participate in their Pillow Fight this year, where various makers would “fight” each other to see who the supreme pillow champion is. We were to make a pillow inspired by one from Laundry Basket Quilts Pillow

Playroom Project Party

With the launch of my Playroom Fabric Collection, a party was definitely in order. Inspired by my daughter Helena’s playroom, I invited both current and new members of my Master Maker Group to join the party. For those new to my Master Makers, for my past two collections, I have
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Crochet Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn Bowl

I was contacted a month or so ago by Darn Good Yarns and boy am I grateful for the connection. Outside of the neato Sari Silk yarn I was sent, their company is legit super cool. To learn more about their story and mission, click here. I promise you’ll be

Boxed Block Lap Afghan

I’m in the process of wrapping up my existing crochet afghans-in-progress before I allow myself to start a new one. Fingers crossed, wish me luck, it probably won’t happen but goals are good or whatever. I have multiple color ways of this Sprightly Acrylic Wool Worsted Stripes Yarn and I
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Wide Double-Crochet Afghan

I first started this afghan the week after I last went to Colorado to film my EPP Giftable Projects Class with Bluprint. The yarn is a Sprightly Acrylic Wool Worsted Stripes Yarn and this Tide Pool variegated color story is all of my favorite colors in one big ball of
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Auction for Australia

Australia’s devastating bushfires began in late July and show no signs of ending with the persistent heat and drought. Being in the southern hemisphere, they are entering the hottest summer months ahead.  To date, 24 human lives have been lost and over half a BILLION animals have lost their lives.

Ten Days AFTER: DIY Style

If you watched my Favorite Sewing Notions for 2019 video, you already have been introduced to the magnificence that is DIY Style. Their magnetic cutting and pattern systems are revolutionary and sure to take over the sewing and crafting industries. Ten Days AFTER!  Join in the fun, win some prizes,
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Messy Bun Beanie & Scarf

I recently discovered Rose of Black Rose Stitches on Instagram and totally fell in love with her feed. And after I was done oohing and aaahing for a couple weeks, I totally bought her Vanessa Messy Bun Beanie pattern and made one for Helena. I used the Sprightly Acrylic Worsted
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2020 Bluprint Goodness

Bluprint has some new stuff that I totally needed to share with you because it’s legit awesome. ALL YOU CAN WATCH WEEK From January 1 – 7, 2020, anyone who’s not already a member can watch any (or all) classes free! No commitment, no credit card. I’ve been blown away by
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Favorite Sewing Notions of 2019

With every new year of fun comes another year full of new sewing notion to play with. This is a list of my favorites that I discovered in 2019. There are obviously many other amazing notions out there. These are just the ones that either drastically improved my workflow or

Easy Crochet Ornaments

My plan for the holiday season is to spend as much time as possible on my couch finishing up some crochet projects that won’t end but need to. As I was crocheting, I decided to tinker and make a couple ornaments. Both are mostly a bunch of double crochets, so

Crochet Shawl for my Mama

So I’ve basically become a crocheting machine. I’ve realized that as long as I keep my stitches simple, I don’t have to plan and I don’t have to think, so Netflix & Crochet can actually be a thang in my household. I was sent two skeins of this gorgeous Sprightly

Conversion Therapy Map Quilt

Gay conversion therapy is a practice primarily administered to children under 18 that purports the ability to change a person’s sexual orientation from gay to straight. Innumerable scientific studies have shown sexuality to be predetermined prior to birth, not something that anyone chooses or can be changed. This practice has

Pajama Party – Creative Christmas Campaign

Are y’all ready for a pajama party? For those that have been a part of my journey for a bit, you know that my general uniform at home is some variation of pajamas. So when I was asked to work with Simplicity/McCalls for their Creative Christmas Campaign to create some

Patchwork Basket in Greens

Minki Kim has this super awesome new book out called Zakka from the Heart. In this book, she provides 16 Charming Projects to Warm Any Home and wow is this the understatement of the year. Immediately after I looked through the entire book, I reached out to Minki to let

Cathedral Window Ornament

My favorite part about this time of year is making handmade ornaments. There’s just something about creating a keepsake ornament that it uber special. They can be given as gifts for anyone really (including yourself). To learn how to make this Cathedral Window Ornament, head over to my post on

Crochet Beanies

I’ve learned that man can indeed have too many afghan projects going on at a time, so I needed to come up with some smaller getterdone-type projects to validate that I can indeed finish something. Enter the beanie. While my YouTube Channel is down, I thought it’d be neato to

Playroom Half-Square Triangle Pillow

Back in September, I was sent some of the Half-Square Triangle Templates to give them a whirl. I had just received my strike-offs for Playroom, so I made a quick video to show folks how to use the 4″ template. I threw in some of the Pure Solid Coordinates and

The Death of Mister Domestic YouTube

UPDATE: December 6, 2019 – I have officially regained control of my channel and most of my content. There’s still a lot to sort out and fix, but I wanted to update everyone here until I can put out my video and post explaining everything: When I first started

Butterfly Pillow

I often find myself so focused on projects that I stay holed up in my sewing room and before I know it, hours have passed…I often forget to take a break to just breathe and relax. I bounce from project to project or between sewing and crocheting. I think all
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Single Crochet Striped Billow Pillow

If y’all have been reading my posts, you know that my pocketbook loves me some Knit Picks.  And this project was my introduction. I was at Quilt Festival in the LDH Booth and, as I was out on the floor looking for an iron to borrow, I came across their

Double Crochet Ribbed Stitch Scarf

While in Houston for Quilt Festival, I discovered Knit Picks and they took all my money. I needed a project that I didn’t have to think about for the flight home, so I snagged 4 skeins of the Finley Heather Wonderfluff and settled on making a scarf. Eventually I’ll put

Giftable Projects: EPP – Bluprint

If you haven’t heard by now, I recently had the opportunity to add to my Bluprint catalogue with my new Giftable Projects: English Paper Piecing Class. Yaaaaay! Combine English Paper Piecing (EPP) with simple sewing techniques to create three cute giftable projects. The best part? These smaller projects are easy

Woven Pocket Catch All Caddy 2.0 (with video tutorial)

As soon as I made my first Catch All Caddy for’s #sewPINK initiative, I knew that I wanted to make another one right away and that I wanted to film a tutorial for y’all. I love this soooo much and I want everyone to make this. It’s super practical

Catch & Release Project Party Week 6

And just like that the Catch and Release Project has come to a close. What better way to end these amazing 6 weeks than with these 4 amazing quilts. You guys and gals…I am so utterly amazed, humbled, and overjoyed with all of these creations and submissions over the past


I remember seeing this By Annie Catch All Caddy a while ago and I had totally planned on making it, but then I forgot because my brain like to play games with me. But when the By Annie team reached out asking if I wanted to participate in their #SewPINK

Hold Tight Quilt

It seems like aeons ago since I started this quilt, which in Mister Domestic time is 8 months ago. The incomparable Sharon Holland was launching her Hold Tight Quilt Pattern and doing a sew-along, so of course I had to join. I had never played with transparency in color before,
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Bluprint Premium Subscription Box

Bluprint Premium is their newest subscription plan that is super duper rad methinks. In addition to getting an annual subscription to their classes and stuff, you get four project boxes a year and can pick what you wanna play with each time: quilting, sewing, embroidery, knitting or crochet. This quarter
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Catch & Release Project Party – Week 5

Aaaaand it’s no surprise that week 5 is yet another stunner on the Catch and Release Project! Let’s have a closer look shall we? If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know about my obsession with everything South Bay Bella Studio. She’s crazy innovative, a phenomenal maker, and
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Catch & Release Project Party – Week 4

Week 4 was such a wham bam week of amazing makes in the Catch & Release Project Party. Let’s get to know them a little more closely. I can’t believe we’re at the halfway point in the Catch & Release Project Party. Today brings us this amaaaaaazing quilt made by
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Catch & Release Project Party – Week 3

These makers in the Catch & Release Project Party just keep knocking it out of the park. Let’s get to know the Week 3 projects more closely, eh? Kicking off the third week of the Catch & Release Project Party is Catalina Home Grown with an assortment of handmade kitchen and home

Catch & Release Project Party – Week 2

Week 2 in the Catch & Release Project Party continued the awesome streak set by the Week 1 Makers and I can’t wait to share them with you. First up on Week 2 was Maria Schneider of Madame Tailor, who made two distinct yet equally adorable outfits. Check out this

Catch & Release Project Party Guest Blog

Hello! My name is Christina Johnson. You can find me on Instagram @suchaprettyfabric I am also in the process of starting a blog under the same name. I am a maker and a quilter who, like most of us, loves beautiful fabrics. I am delighted to be a guest on

American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

If you would’ve asked me a year ago whether my sewing space would ever be organized, I would have definitively said NOOOOO WAY! Fast forward to today, I was a guest on the American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast talking about my journey into being organized and the benefits that shocked

Catch & Release Project Party – Week 1

The first week of the Catch & Release Project Party has come and gone and woooooweewow did it blow me away with all of the phenomenal makes. Kicking off the Catch & Release Project Party was Laura Piland of Slice of Pi Quilts with her new High Tide Quilt, which she now has
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Quilted Lunch Bag (with Video Tutorial)

With the new school year here, I wanted to make a cool back-to-school project and methinks I conquered the task. This Quilted Lunch Bag is super easy to make and is sure to impress. So head over to my YouTube channel for my new tutorial. ??‍♂️ This Quilted Lunch Bag is

Catch & Release Project Party

Back on May 23rd, I put out a call for makers with less than 5000 followers on Instagram to see if anyone would be interested in making stuff for a project party. I deemed this group “microinfluencers” and offered myself as a mentor for whatever they needed during the party

Kraft Tex Slimline Wallet (with video tutorial)

Ever since I made my first project with Kraft Tex a couple months ago, I’ve had this substrate on the brain and couldn’t wait to make a couple projects to share with you. First up is this super awesome slimline wallet with a zipper and an ID window and lots

Floralish Myrtle Block Pillow

Do y’all know Jodi Godfrey of Tales of Cloth? Well, if you don’t, she’s amazing and awesome and lives in Australia and makes the best papers for English Paper Piecing. And noooow she has a new book called The Seedlings Quilts, which has soooo many awesome patterns and ideas. And
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5 Pro Tips for Great Photos for Instagram with Mister Domestic

If your’e looking for some tips to elevate you photography online, then check out my new tutorial on YouTube. In this video, I discuss the importance of proper white balance, exposure, composition, storytelling, and werking those angles with tips and tricks to elevate your photography is each area. While I

Mountain Scape Range Backpack

As I’m designing each of my prints in a collection, I cycle through all of the different projects that I could potentially make. During the creation of my Mountain Scape print for my Catch & Release collection, I was totally thinking of a fold-over backpack and how cute it would

My First Quilt

My very first quilt was an absolute afterthought. Part of my process for making apparel was to deconstruct a bunch of old clothes so that I could understand their construction and discover the next level tips that were used. After a pile of old jean panels emerged, I randomly decided
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Woven Oh How Sweet Zipped Case

One of the favorite things that I love to make with woven panels is the Oh How Sweet Zipped Case. The size required for the exterior is an approachable size to weave, which also creates enough structure to maintain the integrity of the case. I am so grateful that Melissa

Quilted Floor Pillows

Omg y’all! I am so flipping excited that I finally get to share the project showcase I worked out with Bluprint. These Quilted Floor Pillows are half English Paper Pieced, half machine-sewed and 100% awesome! To access the video and pattern, you’ll need to sign up, so click here for
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Reversible Bucket Hat (with video tutorial)

For the video tutorial, click here or the photo below. bucket-hat-templateDownload I hope you enjoy making this awesome reversible bucket hat as much as I did. While I don’t promote anything unless I legit love it, this post contains affiliate links.

Making Waves Pillow (with video tutorial)

I’m so excited that my Catch & Release Look Book is almost out and that the fabric is finally in stores. I designed a free quilt pattern names Making Waves that’s a Bargello, so I thought this would be a good time to teach y’all more about the technique. Since

Colorblock LOVE Pride Pillow

Before I even started on my Colorblock LOVE Pride Quilt, I made up a smaller pillow version to test the colors. And it took like 1 second to realize it was a winner winner chicken dinner. The designer of the pattern, Sam Hunter of Hunter Design Studio, gave me the

Drawstring Canvas Backpack with Video Tutorial

If y’all don’t know about Art Gallery Fabrics’ Canvas, you’re legit missing out. It’s super soft and the prints and colors are phenomenal. They just released a new Look Book for their canvas and it’s chalk-full of awesome ideas and projects. So of course with this Canvas Party happening, I

Woven Gradient Quilt “Sew-Along”

I remember that, as I was making my original Woven Denim Quilt in 2016, I knew that I was making something pretty cool… if I could make it work. At that point, I had been weaving for a while, but was newer to quilting, so there was a lot of

Everlasting Oh How Sweet Case with video tutorial

I am so flipping stoked that Melissa Leray of Oh How Sweet Company gave me permission to create a video tutorial for her Oh How Sweet Zipped Case because it is THE BEST zipped case I have ever come across. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here or the

Rainbow Colorblock LOVE – Pride Project 2019

Over the past few years, I’ve selected an Annual LGBTQ+ pride project to complete during Pride Month, which is June every year. Last year, I made the Love is Love Pillow and personally matched the total proceeds of pattern sales as a donation to The Trevor Project, the leading national

Crazy 8 Cuddle Blanket (w/ video tutorial)

Of all substrates, all the furry ones are legit the most gratifying from an ooh aah sensation perspective. I’ve made full on blankets. I’ve made jackets. I’ve made pillows. I’ve even used it for quilt backing, which both quilts magnificently and feels like a cloud. However, I’ve heard from a

Crescent Moon Pillows

Within like 3 seconds of me seeing the Lunar Illusion prints in Maureen Cracknell‘s Mystical Land Fabric Collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, the idea for these pillows popped into my noggin. And of course I had to make a free pattern for y’all too because they are just that fly

Mister Domestic Cleans his Sewing Room

Back in December 2018, I set aside two weeks of time where I was basically going to Marie Kondo my entire house. And this was even before her Netflix series came out. The first room had to be my sewing room because my work flow was dreadful and I had

Lone Star Quilt (with video tutorial)

So this year, I’ve dubbed the year of the quilt, which means I’m going to be making a whole bunch. Yaaaaaaay for quilts!!!!! And this Lone Star quilt was a result of two partnerships: Electric Quilt and my new LQS My Quilting Loft. First up, Electric Quilt. If you don’t

B is for Boudreaux Pillow

When Sheri of Whole Circle Studio first let me know about her new Typecast EPP pattern, I thought it was brilliant. I had never even considered making letters with English Paper Piecing, but as soon as I knew it was something I could do in the near future, I instantly
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Aura Blog Party – Week 5

Week 5, the final week in the Aura Blog party, has come and gone and boy oh boy did we go out with a bang. MEET THE MAKERS First up was Whole Circle Studio and I’m absolutely smitten with these EPP mini quilts she made using her new Typecast pattern.
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Legendary Squares

The moment that I got Pat Bravo’s Legendary Collection, I knew that I needed to make a quilt. The colors are prints were perfection and immediately a gradient came to mind. So I whipped up a squares design in illustrator and jumped right in even though I had a bajillion

Lugu Pillow of Self Care

Before I began working on this pillow, I consciously decided that I needed to make something just for my own self care. While I love sharing what I learn and tutorials and stuff, I hadn’t done a project just for me in a long while. So when Jessica Swift’s Lugu

Aura Blog Party – Week 4

Omg Week 4 of the Aura Blog Party y’all! I’m blown away by all these makes I can hardly stand it. Let’s recap. MEET THE MAKERS Friendship Braid Pouch by Maureen Cracknell First up is Maureen Cracknell‘s day in the Aura Blog Party and she made this amazingly super cool

Quilting 101: Whole Cloth Quilt (with video tutorial)

In preparation for National Quilting Day, I decided to create a couple beginner-friendly quilting tutorials that could help bring more future quilters into the fold. The first tutorial is on the Brother Stitching Sewcial Site and is a smaller quilted pillow with an envelop pillow. And while the pillow tutorial

Project Quilting – Abecedarius

Okay so this project was super duper fun y’all. Have you heard of Project Quilting? It’s now in its 10th season and it’s the brainchild of Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams, who is obsessed with the challenges in Project Runway and was awesome enough to organize something for the quilting

Aura Blog Party – Week 3

Week 3 of the Aura Blog Party was a full week of seven examples of fabric magic. Like seriously each and every make blew me away. MEET THE MAKERS Ikat Quilt by Tara of Wefty Needle Yeehaw! The Aura Blog Party kicks off again with WEFTY Needle’s amazing Ikat Quilt.

Sun Kissed Chevron – HST Tutorial

As soon as I got my hands on Maureen Cracknell’s new Sun Kissed Collection, I knew that I had to make a quilt with it. Little did I know that I’d be making my biggest quilt to date. It started with me testing out my new Gemini machine by Crafter’s
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Make & Decorate Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Stephanie Socha Design for her Make & Decorate Podcast, where we talk about creativity, positivity and other ivities…. here’s the link so you can go have a listen. ?? [mailchimp_subscriber_popup baseUrl=’’ uuid=’7cb8f88750148536623242803′ lid=’b4d592cf7e’ usePlainJson=’true’ isDebug=’false’] While I don’t promote anything unless I
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Aura Blog Party – Week 2

Week 2 of the Aura Blog Party has come and gone but boy oh boy have the amazing projects left their mark. MEET THE MAKERS Written in the Stars Quilt by Sarah J Maxwell Today stop on the Aura Blog Party train is Sarah Maxwell with this spectacular Written in

Mermaid – Crocodile “H” Trifold Wallet

A few weeks back, Sew Gnar reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying out one of her patterns. Coincidentally, Helena had a new wallet in her rotation of asks from me, so I was all like heck ya. Plus, I had recently purchased some mermaid and iridescent
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Aura Blog Party – Week 1

The Aura Blog Party kicked off with quite the bang with the first four makers. Such a diversity of projects and all of them were amazing. Meet the Makers Kite Quilt by Amanda Woodruff of A Crafty Fox Omg y’all!! Amanda Woodruff of A Crafty Fox sure does know how
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Mod Bee: An Online Quilting Conference

Mod Bee is an annual 3 day online quilting conference held on March 14th, 15th, and 16th of 2019. This conference will be held in a private facebook group where attendees can join discussions and watch live, interactive Facebook classes from popular quilters across the country. And guess who’s one

Aura Blog Party

In Aura, my second fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, I captured the feelings and colors and beauty that my daughter Helena and me experienced on our daddy-daughter trip to Hawaii last year. Watching the reception of this collection by all of you and the amazing projects under the hashtag

Mason Jar Drawstring Pouch

I may or may not have an obsession with English Paper Piecing, so when Carolina Moore asked me to join her book tour for her new Learn How to English Paper Piece Book I was all over it. As much as I love EPP, hand sewing a full quilt is

Scandinavian Heart Basket Ornament (with Video Tutorial)

Okay so TBH I couldn’t quit making ornaments after the holidays so I just had to make these and do a tutorial before Valentine’s Day 2019. With a month to spare, yeehaw! These can be made with soooo many different substrates: fabric, paper, vegan and non-vegan leather, cardboard, wrapping paper,

Anagram Pillow

Last year, I was introduced to The Crafters Edge Crossover II, which is this super awesome die cutting system. I did a demo on my YouTube Channel when I first got it and I found it to be a super easy system and a company that was open and receptive
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Legendary Squares Pillow

Since I had some squares left over from the Legendary Squares Quilt Top that I creates, I decided to use them to make a partner pillow so that I could share the advanced chain piecing technique in a YouTube Tutorial. Never did I ever think that sewing squares together would

Sew Together Bag (with Video Tutorial)

The path of this project began with a tree skirt. Random right? I made this bombtastic Hexagonal Tree Skirt this year and had enough excess from the trimmings to create a 14″ x 16″ rectangle. So naturally, I stitched everything up and quilted it without having any idea what I
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Mandala Drops Iris Applique Pillow

As I was designing the Mandala Drops print from my Loved to Pieces Collection, I knew that I wanted to make some sort of applique project replicating the design. Like many project ideas, I had the thought and then went on with my life making other projects higher in my

Adventure Awaits Embroidery Hoop

Ever since I decided what I was going to make from Beverly McCullough‘s new Vintage Home Sewing Book, I’ve been super pumped to share it with you. And like, I know you probably wouldn’t put Vintage and Mister Domestic in the same category. But like I legit think that style

Autumnal Triangle Pillow

Art Gallery Fabrics has these new Thematic Bundle Up Curated Bundles and each designer was asked to make a small project using a different one. I was super jazzed to get Autumnal as the temperatures were beginning to shift from summer to fall to winter.  Autumnal Bundle Up Bundle As

10-Minute Pillow Case (with video tutorial)

On a whim, I got the idea to make some complementary pillow cases for her room to match her bunk bed drapes I have yet to make. And since the pillows literally take 10 minutes to make, I knew that this was also a project that I had to do

Favorite Sewing Notions of 2018

This year, I have had the opportunity to be introduced to and play with at least infinity sewing notions. And while many of them are amazing and I wouldn’t say that I came across any duds, these are the ones that I unconsciously integrated into my workflow. This seemed like
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Quilted Ball Ornament: Mediterraneo Edition

So yup… I’m officially going ornament-crazy. Helena decided that our tree this year was going to be purple, teal, pink and gold, so that’s the direction that I went with this one. I pulled some leftover strips from my Jelly Roll Rug and all four fabrics came from Katarina Roccella’s
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Woven Hexie Ornament: Aura Edition

Every time this part of the year comes, I always tell myself that I’m only going to make a couple ornaments. But then once I pop, I can’t stop Pringles-style, so yaaaaay for this Woven Hexie Ornament: Aura Edition. This one started with a Woven Stars Messenger Bag that my

Cozy Toes Socks (with video tutorial)

This video will introduce you to your new sewing obsession: Cozy Toes Socks – a Pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. When I first saw this pattern, I immediately contacted the designer to get permission to give a tutorial on this pattern because it is that amazing. So even if you

Little Miss Sweetness Bag – A Stitch in Time Book Tour

Last year, I was honored to participate in Sharon Burgess’ Book Tour for Quilting on The Go – English Paper Piecing. The Dilly Bag I made is still one of my favorite makes and I had a feeling whatever I made from her new book, A Stitch in Time, would

Aura Ornaments

The past few years, I started making fabric ornaments and always get super duper giddy around this time of year because I know that I’m going to make some more. Last year, my good friend Tara and I hosted an Ornament Along and the tutorials are still up on YouTube.

Scandinavian Folded Fabric Star Ornament (w video tutorial)

This video is all about creating the Scandinavian Folded Fabric Star Ornament. I originally learned this in elementary school and decided it was time for a reboot and woweewow were they super fun and super easy to make. This one is definitely family fun! These are some of the supplies

Aura Improv Flower Pillow

The night before I was to teach my Improv Flower pattern at NW Quilting Expo this year, I realized that I had donated my final Improv Flower sample a few weeks before and I didn’t have anything for my class to show. So on a last minute sewing spree, I
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Aura Hopscotch Quilt (Modern Quilts Block by Block Blog Hop)

When Emily Dennis reached out to see if I had time to participate in her new Modern Quilts Block by Block Blog Hop, I think my response was “Heck ya, I’m there. You rock.” And rock she most definitely does. I waited to decide what I’d be making until I

Next Level Rope Bowl: Purple Edition

After my first venture into Next Level Rope Bowls, I immediately went in search of more vibrants colors on cotton craft cord.  And boy did I stumble across a gem with amazing products fro macrame, crochet & knitting: Wool Couture. I ordered the 5mm cotton macrame cord and was blown away at both the
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Indygo Junction’s Pumpkin Trio (with Video Tutorial)

One of my favorite things about this time of year is making the Indygo Junction Pumpkin Trio pattern. And this year, I had my new Aura Fabric Collection to play with which has some of the most delicious all colors that were sure to create show-stoppers. But to make this

Aura Jelly Roll Rug (w/ New video tips)

By popular request, I have made a new Jelly Roll Rug video sharing new tips and tricks from my new Aura rug using the Hobbs Quilt Batting fusible cotton batting, which quite honestly was a game changer. At first, I didn’t think I’d have any more tips & tricks to share, but

Insulated Lunch Box (w/ video tutorial)

This video will show you the basics of sewing your very own insulated lunch box. Whether for actual lunch or storage for supplies, this box is destined for fame as you or your littles strut around town with this in hand. Here is the fabric cut and supply list. If

Next Level Rope Bowls (w Video Tutorial)

This video will walk you through all of his tips and tricks to sewing some elevated ooh la la rope bowls. There’s more to it than setting your zig zag stitch and buying clothesline, so definitely get ready get set go to bringing high end to this ubiquitous project. For

Aura – A Fabric Collection of Hawaiian Memories

My second fabric collection ships to stores in October 2018 and I finally get to start sharing it with y’all and I’m beyond excited I can’t contain it. Never have I ever yearned to play with a fabric collection as much as this one, so I’m hoping y’all feel the
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Week 4: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

The Loved to Pieces Blog Party has come to a finish with the conclusion of Week 4 and woooooooooow was it amazing. Whereas Week 3 coincidentally all worked with the Blue Binded colorway & hues, this week highlighted the the vibrance of the Fused Hues. Here’s a list of the

20-Minute Easy Zipper Pouch (w/ Video Tutorial)

This beginner-friendly video will teach you the steps to sewing an easy zipper pouch. Once your fabric and materials are prepped, this pouch will take you less than 20 minutes to make. Definitely a great project for a handmade gift for any event. Here are some of the supplies that

Dutch Label Shop Review

For the record, it never gets old seeing my logo on something. Every time I see it, I get all giddy and can’t believe that I’ve created an actual business that has an actual logo. And like there’s something about putting a label on something that I’ve made that makes
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Week 3: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

Week 3 of the Loved to Pieces Blog Party has already come and gone, but boy oh boy did it leave an impression on me. 5 insanely talented makers and 6 beyond bananas projects has absolutely blown me away. If you missed week 2, here’s a direct link to see
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Foundation Paper Piecing: No Tear Freezer Paper Method (with video tutorial)

This video will show you how to sew foundation paper piecing using the “no tear” freezer paper method. The first time I used this method, my mind was absolutely blown away. For the right project, this method is a much more efficient, cleaner, and quicker way to sew a foundation
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Patchwork Petals Sewing Party – Block 4

The 4th and final block in the Patchwork Petals Sewing Party begins today. It’s been such a blast hosting this party with Sheri of Whole Circle Studio and I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects. Make sure to head over to her blog to see progress photos and tips/tricks
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Week 2: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

Oh em gee y’all…. I can’t stop ooohing and aaahing about the amazing projects that everyone is making for the Loved to Pieces Blog Party. If you missed last week’s makes, here’s a direct link. For Week 2, here’s a list of the makers: Monday July 23: Meghan Buchanan of Then

Jelly Roll Rug (with Video Tutorial)

I’m not gonna lie. When I first saw the first surge of Jelly Roll Rugs being made, I wasn’t quite sure about them. Since I only work with Art Gallery Fabrics and they don’t do jelly rolls, I think this was my primary reason for not immediately putting this on

Helena & Mattie made by Katie Skoog

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since The Simple Life Pattern Company released the Helena’s Button-Back Top/Dress and the Mattie’s Scalloped Suspender Skirt patterns. I forgot how Katie Skoog and I got on the subject of naming patterns, but I jokingly said that she should name a pattern

Week 1: Loved to Pieces Blog Party

In case you haven’t heard, the most exciting amazing blog party is underway with the most talented and awesome makers ever: Loved to Pieces Blog Party. Each week, master makers around the world will be making projects that tickled their fancies using my Loved to Pieces Fabric. This week, we

Sirena Summer Tote (with Tutorial)

When Jessica Swift asked me if I’d be interested in participating in her Sirena Summer Tote Challenge, I was like heck yes because I love her and I love Sirena and I love totes. Summer… not so much because it’s hot, but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. And like
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Patchwork Petals Sewing Party – Block 3

Today marks the half-way mark of the Patchwork Petals Sewing Party. Yeehaw! It’s so much fun sewing up these blocks and watching everyone else with their own versions. Head over to Sheri’s Blog to see all the her versions of this block and links to her recaps of the previous

Loved to Pieces Blog Party

Check out who’s having a Blog Party?!?!? I am! I am! And I am beyond honored to have this top-notch, diverse group of makers creating magic with Loved to Pieces that I am confident will blow you away. Already I’ve been knocked to the ground on the daily from the
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Woven Pieces Quilt

One of the first tasks that I had after I finished designing Loved to Pieces was to design a free pattern for my look book. And since the English Paper Piecing love was already represented in the overall inspiration for the collection, I wanted to create a way to honor
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Fanny Pack made by Mattea Harrison

Okay so when I had a call for makers for my Spring Quilt Market Booth and Mattea commented that she’d make a fanny pack, it took me zero seconds to say yes please. Like how cool is that? Fanny packs rule the school. Now let’s get to know Mattea a

Catalina Fiber Arts

Of all the makes and makers that contributed to my Loved to Pieces Spring Market Booth, I hands down can honestly say that I was the most blown away by the makes from Catalina Fiber Arts. And if you’ve been keeping track of all of the makes that I’ve shared,

Patchwork Petals Sewing Party – Block 2

It’s been so much fun watching all of the Patchwork Petals blocks pop up on the interweb the past couple weeks. And I’m absolutely beyond stoked that each day new folks are joining in. This party’s lasting for 8 weeks and you’re only late if you join on week 9
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Love is Love Pillow

Back in early May, Jenny of Montana in Stitches reached out to me to share her new Love is Love pattern. The timing was actually quite serendipitous because I was about to start looking for a project to make in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month in June. So I responded

Charmed Quilt made by Paola Baker

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Paola Baker of @loveoffabrics in person and she is just as awesome a person as she is a maker, and her makes are top notch. And like I didn’t even know that she was making this gorgeous Charmed Quilt for my Loved to Pieces